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What to Get Mom? April 22, 2010

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So, my mom’s birthday is coming up pretty soon (also Mother’s Day) and I’ve been wondering what I could do for her. When it comes to getting things for other people, I’ve never had any problems in that area, but getting something for my mom has always difficult. Why is it so hard? Because growing up, mom was always so good at hiding (i.e. sacrificing) what she wanted. I never realized that as a kid, but when I think back, every time our family had some extra money, (which wasn’t very often) I remember my mom taking one or several of us kids to the store to get us a new pair of shoes or some new clothes for school. As a teenager, I never knew what to get her but that was probably because I was too focused on myself at the time. The gifts I gave to my mother back then consisted of things that I planned to “borrow” from her when she wasn’t using them.   I can’t say it would have made much of a difference if I would have been a more thoughtful teenager. My mom would likely still have been  just as hard to shop for then as she is now.

I only ever remember my mom asking for one thing growing up. Her request was simple, all of us kids were to leave the house and spend the entire day with dad so that mom could have the entire house to herself. If I remember right, her plan was to read a book and catch up on some sleep while we were gone. I don’t remember what us kids did that day, the only things that I remember are that we had fun with dad and how happy my mom looked when we got home. I suspect she probably slept most of the day as I’d never seen her look so well rested before. If there was anyone that deserved a day to herself,  it was my mom. Now that most of us are grown up and have moved out of the house, things have come full circle as my mom tries to find clever ways to get us back in the house to come and visit her. However, one thing hasn’t changed. My mom still sacrifices her wants and needs to make sure us kids have some simple comforts in life. She’s done it for so long, I don’t even think she realizes she’s doing it. It has become who and what she is. So I ask, what’s the ideal birthday gift for a person who lives a life of sacrifice?



1. Mandy - April 22, 2010

Does she know the URL for your blog?

2. James Derpmore - March 11, 2012

Get her a dildo.

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