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Two Tools To Compare Prices Online February 23, 2010

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There are plenty of tools I use to comparison shop online, but I thought that I would share my two favorite tools with you just in case they’ll help you like they’ve helped me.

Invisible Hand Extenstion – Just add this extension to your Firefox or Chrome Browser and type the name of the product you are searching for and it will notify you of the lowest price for the item near the top of your screen just below your bookmarks ba automatically. Sometimes, it will show you several different prices for the same item and you can pick and choose from different retailers. Although this extension is awesome, it does have its limitations. 1) I’ve noticed that it doesn’t factor in S&H, so you’ll still need to do that on your own.  2) Occasionally, it will show the price for refurbished/used items along with the price for a new product and so you might think that one website is selling something for a lot cheaper when in reality it is showing you both used and new prices. I think that this is actually a good thing as long as you are aware of it. Sometimes it makes sense to buy the used or refurbished item for cheaper and sometimes it’s better to buy new.  3) Sometimes a product won’t show up at all. If this is the case, be more specific in your search. Click HERE to download the Firefox extension and HERE to download the Google Chrome version.

The Camelizer Extension – this site provides graphs of the price history of a product over time. When price history charts are available for a product, you’ll see a small tab on the left edge of your computer screen that says “The Camelizer”. If you click on that tab, the price history graph for that product will appear. Also, when you’re shopping on Amazon, it will give you the option to track a product right above the button you click to add an item to your shopping cart. You can download the Firefox extension HERE or the Google Chrome version HERE. If you don’t want to bother with extensions, just go directly to the website: http://camelcamelcamel.com/ and sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to track items through the website.

Happy price hunting!



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