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Ninja Training September 22, 2009

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When I was in fifth grade, my friend Josh and I decided that we were going to train to become ninjas. Josh had a little bit of an edge over me since he was already taking Karate, but I thought that I could easily catch up. We really didn’t bother with any of the physical training that would likely be involved in becoming a ninja, instead, we focused on the tthe best things about being a ninja: having stealth-like instincts and using Chinese stars. I really didn’t have any stealth-like abilities as my mom could gladly attest, but to me having stealth-like abilities simply meant dressing in black and sneaking around at night.

Not the actual Chinese throwing star I used but I wanted to provide a visual.

Not the actual Chinese throwing star I used but I wanted to provide a visual.

As for the Chinese throwing stars, I’m not sure how he got them, but Josh had some real metal throwing stars. I have to admit,  I wondered how it came to be that I had a friend with Chinese throwing stars. I thought that it must be my destiny to learn how to use them, otherwise why else would they be so easily accessible to me? I assumed that the throwing stars were made of some sort of metal that was stronger than steel or any other type of metal. I imagined that they were probably made from metal brought to Earth from another planet.  Josh and I practiced throwing the stars at the fence (I can say that now that the fence at Josh’s place has since been replaced) and tried to make them stick in the fence. It wasn’t anything like you’d see in the movies, but we did get them to stick a few times and we figured we would get the stars to stick every time when we got better at it. I never ended up becoming a ninja ( I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you about it if I did), but all of the practice time with the Chinese throwing stars wasn’t a total loss as it probably helped me later on when I became a pitcher in little league.



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