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Not Your Typical Bimbo September 18, 2009

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In Mexico, there is a company that makes products similar to Hostess and Wonder. It might even be the same company, but I’m not really sure. However, the name of the Mexican company is a wee bit more catchy than a name like Hostess or Wonder, its name is Bimbo. The first time that I heard the name, it took me quite awhile to stop laughing about it (too long in fact). I know it doesn’t mean the same thing to people in Mexico, but honestly…they could have picked a different name.

Evidence that a Bimbo truck actually exists.

Evidence that a Bimbo truck actually exists.

Anyway, I had my picture taken in front of a Bimbo truck because when I first saw it, I couldn’t believe that one existed and I didn’t think that anyone would believe me unless I had a picture of it. In reality, it’s not that rare of a photo because the Bimbo brand is everywhere in Mexico. If you’ve ever been there, it is very likely that you’ve seen one of their ads. Mexican soccer players even have uniforms with the Bimbo logo on them. At least the players freely admit to what they are, right?

A Bimbo soccer jersey

A Bimbo soccer jersey

One day while visiting some friends, we happened to arrive just as one of the younger boys was about to run to the store to pick up a few things for his mother. As he started out the door he said, “Mom, I’ll be back. I’m gonna go pick up a Bimbo.” I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Rather than say “loaf of bread” he chose the wrong time to use a brand name. In response I said, “That’s really not something  you should say to your mother.” he didn’t understand what I meant, so I explained to him and his mother what bimbo meant for me back home and they both started to laugh hysterically. Disregarding my caution, the kid still went to the store to pick up a Bimbo and with good reason; Bimbo snacks are quite tasty. Next time you go to Mexico or find a Mexican market around town, you should try a Bimbo snack because they’re really quite delicious. I recommend the Pinguinos (Penguins).


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